about me

I am a bookaholic. I am. The love of my life once suggested I receive therapy for my addiction. True story.
I consume books like others consume air. It sustains me and is something of a problem. We'll leave that to my imaginary therapist.
I have never read Jane Austen. Stop judging me.
I am not an elitist. Well I am, but not in the way you might think. I love a good story. I appreciate a well turned phrase, but if that phrase doesn't take me on a beautiful journey, it doesn't mean much.
I re-read books that I love. Over and over and over. Also a problem.
Books are my friends. I love characters like I love family.
I'm a quick reader. I do not retain information for long. If at all. This in part explains the repetition aspect of my consumption.
Non-fiction puts me to sleep. You're judging me again. Stop.
The classics? Depends on the day. And only once.
Intellectual giantess I am not. The love of my life? King and overlord of Mensa. I'm hoping one day some of his smart will rub off. So far, not so much. It's unfortunate.
I play the violin very well.
I'm a ballroom dancer. Standard is my strength, but I can do ten dance.
I play the piano too. Not well. More like plunky plunky. Enough to accompany my students.
I speak/read passable Russian and can understand Spanish and French if spoken slowly. At one point I spoke conversational Dutch but have tried my hardest to forget about that period of my life. Thus far, I have been quite successful. Dutch is dead to me. Though their flowers are lovely.
I love music. So much.
I have a handful of ridiculously close friends. Otherwise, I'm something of a hermit. Think Boo Radley.
I feel quite strongly about my political convictions. We won't talk about that here. Ever.
My favorite color is yellow and I love daisies.
Dark chocolate. Duh.
I have perpetually cold feet and take a hot bath every day. Twice a day in the winter.
I have three brothers. My husband has seven brothers. We have two daughters and a son. Our daughters intimidate me. Spouse is brilliant in all things, raising our daughters notwithstanding. Females worry me a bit. It's very complicated.
I love Christmas lights and try to keep them up until summer. My house will never be featured in a "How to keep your house clean" magazine. I am aware there is no such thing, but still. Never gonna happen.
I struggle with severe anxiety (and sometimes depression) and books are an escape/coping mechanism for me.
I am not ashamed of my limitations/challenges. Most of the time.
I love to laugh and love fiercely.
I hope you do too.

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