Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy-- Part Deux

Part one can be read here.

Carson, Rae

It just needs to be noted that I LOVED this series. LOVED it. I loved the symbolism and otherworldliness and magic and romance and MORALITY it encompassed. Crown of Embers is a quick/easy read and when it was done I pre-ordered The Bitter Kingdom. I wanted it in my hot little hands, and quite frankly was a little bummed I didn't have a magic stone of my own to aid me in this endeavor--or to help me set the stink bugs inundating my life on fire.  As you can see, I'd totally use my Godstone for GOOD. I enjoyed the plot turns which kept the reader guessing, and the growth we witnessed as our child queen grew into her powers/responsibilities. I love a good love story and Carson delivered. One more than the other. I won't get into it because spoiler. Let's just say hallelujah Rae Carson for involving a male lead who didn't smirk and smolder and sparkle every ten seconds. I'm just sayin. It's nice to have a love interest who is gorgeous because of his character and strength as a human being, rather than his copper locks and temperamental moodiness. Daughters take note: real men are honest, kind, moral, intelligent, and humble. They want to protect you, but realize you are strong and beautiful and that they have as much to learn from you as you from them. Climbs off soap box. Enough of this pretty boy nonsense. Mumble mumble. I have to admit I read this book six months ago and as such the details are a bit muddled, but I did love this series and would absolutely let my littles who are morphing into bigs (STOP!!!) read them when of age.

Crazy ladies say-- 4.4 Dobbies.

Carson, Rae

So!! This one I just finished. And can remember more of the plot than say, who died and who did not. Win. Also? My mind is a steel trap. Which is why I can, and do, read books over and over and over again....  All in all The Bitter Kingdom was a lovely conclusion to a fabulous series. For whatever reason I found myself plodding through it a bit, but that may be more because of the genre flip I've made lately than Carson's writing. Apparently I'm all about the adult political thrillers these days. Obsessed really. And moving back into the YA section felt forced. BUT! I thought Carson wrapped up most of the plot lines quite nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed the final turns. Well written. Beautiful story. Great moral. Two thumbs up. The best in the series? No. In fact I probably enjoyed it the least of the three, but again that might have more to do with me than the book.

4 Dobbies.

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