There's not a lot of method to my madness.

Elderwand Status: Can count these on one hand.
Five Dobbies: Changed me as a person. Will read over and over again.
Four Dobbies: Loved the story, the writing, the characters. Will read again.
Three Dobbies: Really good, but not my particular cup of tea. A one-timer.
Two Dobbies: You kind of have to work to get into this category. Will donate my copy to Goodwill.
One Dobby (aka TROLL): Really?

I'm an opinionated creature, but am pretty generous when it comes to books. I am by no stretch of the imagination a literary expert. I just like what I like. I'll use decimal points to help differentiate the levels of Dobby. If you don't know who Dobby is, I am judging you.

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