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I am starting with the books I've read in 2013 for there are thousands (tens of thousands?) in the past and I simply cannot... Perhaps some of my favorites someday. We'll see.

Michaelis, Antonia, The Storyteller --- 4.0

Green, John, The Fault in our Stars --- 5.0, Elderwand

Suzuki, Shinichi, Ability Development from Age Zero  --- 4.8

Cashore, Kristin, Bitterblue --- 4.8

Carson, Rae, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Series
The Girl of Fire and Thorns --- 4.5 
Crown of Embers --- 4.4 
The Bitter Kingdom --- 4.0

Lu, Marie, Legend --- 4.5

Read and still need to review:

Oliver, Lauren

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