Monday, March 18, 2013

Wherein I am lazy. Three books.

I know. Enough of me already. I'm a little bugged too. But if I get too far behind I'll just stop and I don't want to stop, so... skim?

Farthing by Jo Walton-- 3.5 Dobbies

Every time I rank a book I think back on my Dobby status for the Storyteller. (You: are you still yammering about that book? let. it. go.) The writing was soooo good, but I only gave it a four. FOUR. Is Farthing in the same league as Storyteller? No. Definitely not. Every time I review another book on this blog I end up bumping up the Storyteller's ranking. Because it haunts me. And that really has to count for something. And LOOK here I am yapping about it again while I should be talking about Farthing. Wretched.

(In the event of full disclosure I'm having a very sad day and 6 days ago swore off sugar and Diet Coke like some kind of maniac. I'm not entirely sure the two are unrelated. But I'm crankier than usual. Which is saying something.)

(In the event of full disclosure the second, I am drinking a Diet Coke as we speak because it's that bad. Just one. I don't even have more in the house. And it's tepid, because somehow that makes me less of an oathbreaker? Let's move on.)

Farthing. Eh. It was okay. I kept reading it, which is more than I can say for The Thief. Of which I tried and got half way through, but just. didn't. care...

It's some kind of what-if historical fiction novel and comes across as a bit Sherlock Holmesy. Minus Robert Downey Jr. And therein lies (full disclosure the third, enlies is not a word. therin lies? yes. i just asked cousin google. we're all welcome.) the problem. Just meh. It's a period novel (WWII-ish) and one of the leads (a Jew) is framed. I don't know, I just think there's so much that could have been done with the storyline. The writing was okay, not gripping. And I really wasn't pulled one way or the other in terms of funny or sad. Just meh. I won't be reading it again, but am not angry that I spent time reading it in the first place.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson --- 4.5. Dobbies

This one, I loved. Not LOVED, but loved. I didn't sleep with it under my pillow is basically what that translates into. Therapy. I'm aware. I'll look into it.

It's got a kick butt heroine who defies all the norms for your typical "queen." She doesn't look like a queen, she doesn't act like a queen. Basically, she's awesome. The writing's not quite as thoughtful/smooth as Bitterblue, but still very very good. The plot moves along quickly and Queen Elisa and I will most definitely be exchanging Christmas cards. I. have. a. crush. on. her.

It's fantasy and it's got some fabo morals woven through the storyline. I LOVED the symbolism. At times a wee bit simplistic, but it's certainly one that when my littles are bigger will be shoved into their hot little hands. I'm all about strong female characters on a mission. (aren't we all really?) I'm off to order number two. And three.

Legend by Maire Lu --- 4.5 Dobbies

And speaking of kick butt heroines... another resounding YES. Face paced, great plot, intrigue, fantasy (i'm noticing a theme in my selections)... the writing isn't as lyrical as The Girl of Fire and Thorns but that might be on purpose (probably on purpose). It's a futuristic society where people are basically shipped into "careers" from the age of ten onward according to how well they performed on their trial. Things are not as they seem and I gasped, hand over heart more than once while reading this book. Marie Lu has no compunction showing the severity of consequences for those who do not hearken to the rules of the Republic.

It's great. I read it in a day and loved it. I loved that it's written from two different points of view and that it's fast paced and smart. I DID NOT like the "ending," if you can call it that.  No closure. I like my books to end. Even if there's another one or two or six coming down the pipeline. Lazybones. Others have managed, you can too. Will I be purchasing book number two? It's already done. Should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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