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Blah. We knew this would happen, yes? Yes. The addiction beats the writing. Every. Time. Meh. So! Brushes off hands, stretches back, let's begin. Because I've got ten to talk about. No, not all in this post. And four more are in the mail, and I'm about done with another, and it's a viscous VISCOUS cycle.

It also needs be noted that while typing this little ditty, I'm currently using THIS, like a freaking geriatric patient. And it has become THE PRECIOUS. No one understands me like my healthmate forever massage, pulse, electric shocker device. NO ONE. That I only just started using it recently (uh, today. i started today.) shames me.

Moving on.

The Immortal Beloved series by Kate Tiernan
Immortal Beloved
Darkness Falls
Eternally Yours

Meh. I didn't hate them, I didn't love them. I obviously kept ordering more, so there you have it. Although, I almost didn't make it through the first 50 pages of book one. It is SO POORLY WRITTEN.

Nastasya is an immortal who has spent the past 400 something years partying. After some troubling events, she decides to change her ways and become Amish? No, not really. But a little bit yes. Which quite frankly is fine. Great even. I'm all for simplification and self-reflection. My problem lies with the main character herself. She's just so unlikeable. And I don't care how immature you are, if you've lived 400ish years you don't speak/think like an obnoxious 14 year old. Period.

Whatever. She's on a quest for zen immortality living/purpose and meets a viking god character (of course she does) who she love/hates (because of course she does). Drama ensues and we spend the next few books watching Nastasya "grow" and escape other immortals trying to kill her/steal her power.

There might have been head banging. Mine. But really? It's my own fault because I kept reading them. It's brainless entertainment and makes for a fun little read on the beach for a teenager. There is no sex, which I LOVED. The more YA fiction I read the more I'm surprised by how commonplace intercourse is between characters. And how explicit. Tiernan keeps away from the sexy sex, but IMO doesn't exactly spend enough time developing the romance either. The best characters are not the main characters.

All in all, it's clean, with a little violence. I'd let my future teenage girls read them, though not for their literary merit. Will I read them again? No. They're already listed on Amazon for sale.

Three Dobbies.

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